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HELP is a highly experienced law firm in Iran. Since 2002, HELP legal firm has been engaged in providing legal advice to its clients in wide areas of expertise, such as civil, business and criminal law, as well as representing them in both judicial and arbitration bodies.

To protect your legal interest, you need HELP

HELP is committed to sustainability and promote renewable energy

HELP is what you need for all your legal affairs

Our Expertise

Solving the most difficult legal cases is our expertise. We are committed to provide the most ethical and cost-effective solutions for all your legal matters.

Contracts and Business Affairs

We counsel both corporate and private individuals for negotiations and drafting different kinds of contracts including purchase, loan, partnership, management contracting and agency and litigate your dispute in both judicial and arbitration bodies.

Renewable Energy and Preservation of Enviormment

HELP Law Firm, in supporting the efforts for sustainable development, helps you to get all the necessary information for investing in renewable energy, obtaining relevant permissions, and respecting national and international standard and other relevant rules.

Corporation Law

We advise on a wide range of corporate matters, including incorporation of companies, registration of subsidiaries, structural changes in companies, ownership and transfer of stock and private equity, the dissolution of companies, and corporate bankruptcy.

Companies, Trademark and Real Estate Registration

We help you to acquire the legal protection that is provided for you in accordance with Iranian law through civil registration and registering your Real Estate, corporations, trademark and intellectual property.

Criminal Law

We counsel and represent both corporate and private individuals for crimes that they have been accused of and also crimes that have been committed against them. Our team of expert of criminal lawyers help you during the often lengthy and stressful criminal proceedings so that you can be assured that you are receiving exceptional representation.

Labor Law

We have a vast knowledge for helping you in drafting employment agreements, internal procedure regulations as well as in preparing other documentation related to human resource management.

Our News and Events

You can view announcements including conferences, important events and news from our website.

The World Bank Group: Doing Business 2019

The HELP legal firm had the privilege to contribute to Doing Business 2019...

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The adoption of the first ‘Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines on Wind Farms’

landscape and visual impact, noise impact, ecological and biological impact, water quality and...

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Criminal Liabilities of Legal Persons Under New Iranian Penal Code

Punishing only natural persons, even the top managers, is not a sufficient deterrent

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Towards Joining the World Trade Organization

Iran's Accession to Nice and Locarno Agreements on Classification

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Useful Links

Below you can find website links which you may find useful regarding Iranian law and regulations.

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