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Corporation Law

Corporation Law

We advise on a wide range of corporate matters, including incorporation of companies, registration of subsidiaries, structural changes in companies, ownership and transfer of stock and private equity, the dissolution of companies, and corporate bankruptcy.  

With a rich experience in assisting and advising companies on commercial and corporate affairs, HELP law firm provides all the necessary legal advice for the incorporation and expansion of commercial activities.

We counsel companies on their legal rights and obligations under Iranian law and recommend the best advise for any agreements they have to conclude in relation to their business.

Through our team of experts, HELP provides day-to-day advice on the routine acts of the companies, corporate reorganization, and planning and implementation of corporate governance structures to meet our clients’ needs in timely manner.

Our expertise also extends to all matters that may rise about partners or shareholders agreement, partnership agreements, votes at meetings, draft of meetings and meeting of members, among others.