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The adoption of the first ‘Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines on Wind Farms’

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For the first time, under the auspices of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization, comprehensive guidelines on environmental, health and safety concerns related to the establishment of wind farms in Iran have been codified. This guideline, adopted by the Panning and the Budget Organization of Iran, will be enforceable as of 23rd of September 2018 for all the governmental sectors as well as those who are working in the field of renewable energies.

The guidelines are aimed to reduce the incidents and the risks of the wind farms on environment and health of the population that might be affected as well as to increase the safety of not only the staff but also the communities concerned. For this purpose, the guidelines define the responsibilities of each actor in different phases of the project.  

In regard to the environment impact assessment, the guidelines, by providing a very general definition of environment, require the assessment of the landscape and visual impact, noise impact, ecological and biological diversity impact, water quality and shadow flicker impact of wind farms. A report, comprising of the description of the impact of the project on above subjects, as well as other technical details shall be submitted to the Environmental Organization for its review.

To ensure the compliance with the requirements prescribed in the guidelines, companies are required to assign a full-time staff to ensure compliance with health. environment and safety requirements prescribed in the guidelines. Furthermore, regular training on these requirements should be provided to the company’s staff. In addition to the responsibility of the owner of the project, the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization has the overall responsibility in supervising the compliance with the guidelines.   

The guidelines in Persian is available in the following link. For further injury on its details in English, contact us.