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Dr. Katayoun Hosseinnejad

Dr. Katayoun Hosseinnejad

Head of Board & Founding Partner
Attorney and Member of Iran Bar Association since 2004
(University Lecturer in International Law)


Bachelor of Laws, University of Tehran, 2002

Master of Laws: Human Rights Law, University of Tehran, 2006

PhD: International Law, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies; Geneva, 2017

Field of Expertise:

- Public international law, international economic law, international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

- Business and corporate law;

- Civil law including contract law, family law and property law;

- Financial criminal law including fraud, crimes against properties, forgery and etc.;

- Arbitration.

Articles & Blog Posts:

- Katayoun Hosseinnejad, "Rethinking the Meaning of Ordinary Meaning in Light of the Jurisprudence of the ICJ", The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals, upcoming;

- Katayoun Hosseinnejad, Pouria Askary, "ICJ and the Alleged Violations of Treaty of Amity: Anything Unexpected in the Judgement on Jurisdiction?", Opinio Juris, 2021; 

- Pouria Askary, Katayoun Hosseinnejad, "Taking Territory of a Third State Seriously, Begining of IACs and the Strike against Major General Soleimani", (Part I, Part II), Opinio Juris, 2020;

- Pouria Askary, Katayoun Hosseinnejad, "Non-State Courts: Illigal or Conditional? The Case of Da'esh Courts" in Journal of International Humanitarian Studies, Vol 10 (2019) Iss. 2: pp. 240-264 

- Katayoun Hosseinnejad, "Interpretation in Light of Which 'Object and Purpose'?", in German Yearbook of International Law, Vol 61 (2019), Iss. 1: pp. 377-401.

- Katayoun Hosseinnejad and Pouria Askary, "Interpretation of Implications: Some observations on the Recent ICJ Decision in the Case of Certain Iranian Assets", in Opinio Juris, 2019.

-Katayoun Hosseinnejad, "Critical Evaluation of the ICJ Approach in Evolutionary Interpretation", in The Iranian Review for UN Studies, Vol.1 (2018), pp. 119-144

- Katayoun Hosseinnejad and Pouria Askary, "The International Community and the Challenge to the Rule of Law: The Future of Iran Nuclear Dear", in Opinio Juris, 2018.

- Katayoun Hosseinnejad, "On the Nature of Interpretation in International Law", in UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, Vol.4, No. 2 (2015), pp/ 225-249.

- Pouria Askary and Katayoun Hosseinnejad, "Ups and Down of Arms Trade Treaty: From Its Conclusion to Implementation: A Comparative Study with General Rules of International Law", [in Persian]

- PhD: Towrads A New Approach to Treaty Interpretation: 


ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0003-4001-0249

Language : Farsi, English, French

E-Mail : hosseinnejad@helplegalfirm.com

Contact : +989121460034